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Learn from an athlete and coach who has dominated the international martial arts circuit for twenty years winning no less than eighteen world-level medals and has held six World Champion titles in martial arts from 2000 -  2012.

In this book, learn how to:

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When Shane Fitzgibbon asked me to review his book, “Training and Optimal Health or Sports”, I was honoured as Mr. Fitzgibbon is an acclaimed expert himself in the field of health and fitness.  He is an elite world class athlete who epitomises health and fitness.  He is a self-starter, goal achiever and huge inspiration to all who know him.

“Training and Optimal Health for Sports” is an extremely useful book.  It is easy to read and flows nicely using clear and concise language.  It engages the reader from the start, with the Author’s confident and upbeat style of writing.  Photographic images used throughout are instructive.  The reader can feel that the advice given has been tried and tested to the letter.

The training principles outlined are examples of current best practice.  I particularly like the emphasis on posture and activation of core muscles when training.  Safety and injury prevention have been addressed well.  Nutritional and psychological aspects are thoroughly discussed.  Anatomy and physiology are presented in an interesting way, with studies that are well referenced and which back up the theory and practical training methods demonstrated.

I enjoyed reading the book in its entirety.  It also lends itself to be easily used a source of reference, which one can dip into and out of as needed.

I particularly liked the sections relating to exercise while pregnant.  Safety was addressed well and advice given is in line with international standards of best practise.  Good references are made to the effect of strength training and increasing bone mineral density for women.  Osteoporosis can unfortunately be common in elite female athletes and post menopausal women.  Bone loading exercise is particularly beneficial to these women but men and children will also protect themselves from brittle bone disease through strength training.

It was great to see the section advising children and young athletes.  The principles highlighted can be a tool for parents and coaches to guide their children in optimal training for whatever sport the child or adolescent may be undertaking.

I will be using my copy of the book for reference and will look forward to recommending it to my patients and colleagues.

Aoife Ni Eochaidh, BSc, Post grad in Women’s Health, M.I.S.C.P., A.C.P.W.H.

* Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist (Women’s Health) Galway Clinic, Doughiska, Galway,

* Board Member Irish Osteoporosis Society,

* Former Physiotherapist to Royal High Premier league Rugby Team,

* Former Physiotherapist to Visiting West Indies Cricket Team

* Former Physiotherapist to Galway Marathon des Sables Team.

"Training and Optimal Health for Sports" covers all aspects of athletic training from the physical to mental preparation, from Nutrition for Optimal Health to Nutrition for sports performance.

Shane shares his life long passion and knowledge of training principles in his book. In doing so he has produced a most important easy to understand resource which I can wholeheartedly endorse and recommend to everyone involved in sports from recreational athlete to Olympic athlete including teachers, coaches, athletic trainers and indeed for anyone interested in improving their health and fitness.



Gerard Hartmann


Physical Therapist to Olympic Council of Ireland Sports Medicine and Sports Science Team.

Physical Therapist to 67 Olympic medal winners including world record holders.

Director Hartmann International Sports Injury Clinic, University of Limerick, Ireland.

“Training and Optimal Health for Sports” is a marvellous read for sports enthusiasts at any level. Regardless of level of ability or what sports you might participate or coach in, this book has so much to offer you.

The Author takes you on a journey from start to finish. You can do your initial self-assessment, plan your goals and set your targets. It then progresses on to proper biomechanics, posture, warm up and cool down routines, flexibility, strength training etc. The absolute necessity of having a strong core is particularly well addressed.

Good nutritional advice, training tips as regards periodisation and lifestyle management makes this a great reference book for all sports people/athletes.

I particularly enjoyed the section on core training – the kernel to any successful exercise programme.

I would like to compliment Shane on his holistic approach when writing this book. He has drawn on such a wide range of topics extremely well. Excellent pictures, charts, glossary, this book has it all.

Great read – highly recommended!

Niamh O’Sullivan,

- Physical Therapist M.I.A.P.T

- Athletics level 3 coach.

- International athlete: represented Ireland at World and European cross country championships.

“In this brand new book, Training and Optimal Health for Sport, you will discover the essential building blocks to training and good health and how to implement them in the correct way. It is well-structured, easy to read and a must-have training resource for sports coaches and serious self-trained athletes.”

Brian Mackenzie,

Level 4 Performance coach (UKA4) and Coach Tutor/Assessor for UK Athletics

"Training and Optimum Health for Sports is essential sense for a world buried in often erroneous information. This book should be required reading in all schools today, as well as for adults seeking the competitive edge in amateur or professional sports."

Phillip Day, founder, The Campaign for Truth in Medicine

We are most fortunate to have a trainer in the field of exercise, nutrition, and competition all wrapped up in one person. I have had the pleasure of knowing Shane for several years and am constantly impressed with his drive for perfection and imparting his knowledge to whoever he can. His dedication is unmatched and he has to be highly commended for his hard work in putting an excellent text together for anyone interested in proper training, dieting and competition. This book is for sports coaches of any sport, competitors of any sport , sports therapists and physical therapists and anyone who takes his or her exercise seriously. I know you will enjoy it and learn a lot as you read.

Derek King, Physical Therapist


Irish Institute of Physical Therapy













Shane Fitzgibbon has compiled an informative and easy-to-read text in "Training and Optimal Health for Sport". It is an excellent introduction to the field of fitness and conditioning, ideal for those wishing to start on the journey of understanding the principles and methods of training for greater fitness, in general, or in sport.

Shane has a long and successful background as a leading sports performer and brings this experience to bear in this compact and informative text. Those who read it will want to keep it as a regular fitness and conditioning reference.

Dr. Liam Liam Hennessy, BA, MSc, PhD, FRAMI

* Academic Director of Setanta College

* Director of Fitness with the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) 2000-2010

* Fitness coach to Padraic Harrington,

* Former Chief Exercise Physiologist to the Irish Olympic Team

* Former Fitness consutlant with Liverpool FC, Blacburn Rovers & Bayern Munich

Shane Fitzgibbon’s “Training and Optimal Health for Sports” is the resource P.E. teachers have been waiting for. With almost all schools now delivering a ‘Health Related Activity’ module in their P.E. programme, there is a need for an ‘all-in-one’ resource to teach from. This book provides just that. With its categorised layout, excellent diagrams and pictures, detailed technical explanations and statistical data as reference points, the publication is ideal for teaching health and sports performance in the classroom. Whether it’s a first year module on the benefits of warm up/cool down and injury prevention, or a transition year module on the impact of various types of training on the body, this book covers it all.

Further to this, the detail on training techniques from endurance, to muscular strength and power, to core training provide an extremely useful base when designing training sessions for extra curricular teams.

On a personal note, I have had a copy of this book for the past two months. In that time I have used to it design a new ‘student friendly’ fitness-testing programme; have widely expanded the flexibility work I do with students and in terms of coaching, have incorporated a wide range of the principles of training outlined in the book. The book has provided me personally with a great opportunity to refresh and advance my knowledge of health and physical performance.

Fergal Lyons

President of the Physical Education Association of Ireland





“Training and Optimal Health for Sports” is an extremely well written, logically presented and thoroughly enjoyable piece of work. What makes this book truly revolutionary is the author’s ability to present the relatively complex subject matter in such a clear, concise and accessible fashion. Challenging concepts such as ‘‘General versus Functional Strength Training’’ and the factors behind ‘‘Correct pelvic positioning’’ are discussed and deconstructed masterfully. As a result, I deem this book to be an invaluable resource to the elite and novice athlete alike. I wholeheartedly endorse this book and wish to commend Mr Fitzgibbon on his sterling work.  

Damien O’Sullivan

Sports Physiotherapist


Shane Fitzgibbon has managed a great blend of science and practical insights into training, within this wonderful book, “Training and Optimal Health for Sports”. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in fitness and sports who wanted a firm foundation to build upon over time. I picked up a few useful tips as well, after over 20 years as a professional coach. Shane has put his heart and soul into this book and it reads with the passion that he has for our industry.
Ashley Jones, Strength & Conditioning Coach

* currently coaching Panasonic Wild Knights, Japan

* formerly coached Canterbury Crusaders, New Zealand

* All-Blacks Strength & Conditioning Coach 2004-2007


"If you want a compact, easy to understand, packed full of info great read on EVERYTHING to do with human performance then, “Training and Optimal Health For Sports” is the book for you.. I'm in the game 10 years and it's so refreshing that a great text is produced by an Irish Coach.I recommend it as a key text for all my interns. Buy the book for the extremely small price and you will not be disappointed. Now to hit the gym!

Dave Hare, B.Sc. Sports Science.

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS)

Founder Functional Training Ireland

"'Training and Optimal Health for Sports” is a great read for anyone with an interest in health and fitness. As someone who has taught Sports Science in further education I believe this would be a perfect addition to any students resource guide.

It is easy to follow and delivers in every aspect of fitness that it covers. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in fitness, anyone wanting to pursue a career in the fitness industry and especially health and fitness students. The book has now taken place among many of the great textbooks I have accumulated over the years and I would not hesitate in referring to it when required. Well done Shane!'

Ally Cooper MSc Sport Performance Enhancement

Sports Conditioning Coach, North Coast, N. Ireland

It’s here! Same great book. Two versions!